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Once PABC has accepted a client’s application (Temporary Visa or Permanent Residence enquiry), success is practically assured as is born out by our exceptional success rate. This applies equally to a client from the business sector (corporate clients, SMEs, individual businessmen) as well as to individual private clients & family members for any of the short term Temporary Residence Visa or Permanent Residence Permits.


Quality of service delivery is supported by an in-depth know-how of the local Immigration environment coupled with extensive experience of Visa & Permit application processes gained over 24 years within the Immigration specialisation field. PABC, in short,  is in a strong position to deliver a comprehensive set of Immigration Services at a consistently high level of functionality and quality.

Speed of Service

Our consultants respond speedily to enquiries and give personal and professional attention to the specific needs of each client. Meticulous attention is paid to legal detail and our experienced team ensures prompt processing as well as excellent networking and communication with the relevant South African governmental & non-governmental authorities. We arrange courier services where necessary for added efficiency and to expedite documentary lodgements and collections.


In summary, our track record of success can be attributed to our ability to assess and advise on the correct Visa / Permit options (based on our in-depth knowledge and sound understanding of the Immigration Laws and Regulations of South Africa and adherence to the Immigration Practitioner Code of Professional Conduct); our local know-how and expertise in the field; the professional capabilities of our people underpinned by well-established industry networking.